Should You Install In-Unit Laundry?



The short answer is yes! If possible, landlords should make all possible attempts to add in-unit laundry to their rental units. A recent survey shows renters are willing to pay higher rents to get in-unit laundry in their apartments. 

Renters and landlords alike can benefit from having in-unit laundry. Renters love the convenience and safety, while landlords enjoy higher rents and less turnover. They require little investment to install, don’t take up much space, and can increase your property’s value. There is always an opportunity to add in-unit laundry down the line, between tenants, or during your next renovation.

If landlords are limited on space or funds, they should consider the installation of a washer/dryer combo machine. These all-in-one appliances are popular throughout Europe and Asia and have gained tons of traction in many residential buildings in the U.S. These machines require no construction, as they are ventless and no hook-ups are necessary, just a 120-volt electrical outlet and a sink. The combo machine uses heated air to dry wet clothes by evaporating the water and flushing out excess water into the drain.

Have questions before installing in-unit laundry? 

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